Precision Deburring & Finishing

A large part of our success as a provider of precision machined product has to do with our constant drive to offer as many services as possible to our customers. With that being said, our experienced team understands that deburring and finishing are a critical phase of production. Lavelle’s goal is to offer our customers the service, quality and precision they expect. There is very little that our team can’t do.


Finishing at Lavelle Machine

For us, “finishing” doesn’t mean the job is nearly complete. We don’t think of finishing as the “finish line”, but instead, as a vital opportunity to ensure top-notch quality and performance for your application.

For many projects—especially in medical applications—deburring and finishing can be the most critical phase of production. All phases of precision deburring and polishing can be handled by our experienced team.


  • Precision Deburring under 50x magnification
  • Passivate per ASTM: 967A
  • Aqueous vapor degreasing
  • Vibratory tumbling & precision glass bead
  • Well established vendor base for all required plating and coating processes

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