About Lavelle Machine

Since 1967, Lavelle Machine has grown to become one of the Northeast's most innovative and dependable manufacturing facilities. Our customers rely on our team for the collaboration, precision and accountability that consistently contributes to their successful products and components.

The Expertise & Technology for Your Projects

For many years, our team has worked to build our company’s reputation as a premier manufacturing facility that can expertly handle every aspect of our customers’ requirements. From design assistance to completion, we are able to meet and integrate with our customers’ systems and requirements. This has given us the opportunity to work with a long and growing list of businesses and organizations, including markets such as the medical, aerospace, defense and commercial industries.

Our services and capabilities feature:

about lavelle machine

Comprehensive Quality Control

At Lavelle, quality remains a guiding principle within all aspects of our company. Delivering consistent quality starts with a fully-equipped quality control department driven by the experience that ensures only the best parts, products, and components leave our shop.


Multiple state-of-the-art CNC milling machines, 5 axis machining capabilities, and years of experience enable us to provide highly efficient, tight tolerance machining for an incredibly diverse range of parts and components.


Our advanced CNC turning capabilities enable high-precision turning on multiple turning centers designed for tight tolerances, exceptional part quality, and rapid throughput for parts of various sizes and projects of every volume.


For greater accuracy, efficiency, and precision, the EDM process uses an intermittent electrical current to actually “burn” materials as hard as tungsten. EDM allows us to attain tight tolerances on complex parts with extreme accuracy, without burrs or inducing any stress into the material. At Lavelle, we utilize both RAM and Wire EDM.


Our extensive capabilities to provide machining from the earliest prototype to full production also includes our laser marking and engraving abilities. Utilizing our state of the art fiber laser machines allows us to provide marking or engraving of serial numbers, bar codes, logos, text and more on a wide variety of materials.


In today’s competitive business world, product design to market is critical to the success of our clients. Our dedicated, rapid prototype department collaborates with your team directly to realize greater design efficiencies and identify every possible opportunity for improvement.


The range of secondary services within our facility allows us to produce and control the most detailed operations once the product has been machined. This ensures we maintain control for repeatability, adhering to our strict quality systems and procedures. These services include heat treating, stress relief, deburring, cleaning, and passivation.