Engineering Support and Assistance

The partner you need for a better, more competitive product

With a deep understanding of the demands placed on our customers within their own organizations and competitive industries, Lavelle provides design assistance, engineering support, and cost/value analysis.

With our comprehensive capabilities and our in-depth industry experience, Lavelle’s engineers collaborate with your team to identify the most cost-effective way to produce your product or component.

When competition, cost & performance matter: Our machining & engineering experience makes a difference.

Benefit from the expertise of a leading machining company.

When it comes to machining, the difference between a successful product and an expensive failure often comes down to a lack of expertise and communication.

Did the design account for a specific capability or different material? Are there limitations the design doesn’t account for?

For our engineers, questions like these are key.

Our expert engineers are here to assist you in achieving significant manufacturability and cost improvements to bring your concept designs to completion.

At Lavelle, we’ve provided prototypes to full-production machining for over 50 years.  We’ve earned the trust of our customers by consistently transforming their visions into profitable realities.