Serving Industries Across the Country

Serving industries across the country

Precision, Timeliness, Customer Service, and Reliability for your Industry
ISO 9001, ISO 13485, FDA & ITAR Registered facility that can deliver on even the most demanding requirements

Precision Medical Manufacturing

Consistent quality is not optional in the medical device industry. At Lavelle Machine, we are accustomed to providing the highest standards for precision medical machining and assembly. You can expect consistent performance and delivery when you work with us. With our ISO 13485 certification, FDA registration and years of experience, we’re equipped to provide precision machining and finishing for medical devices, components, and equipment of every shape and size.

Commercial Machining

The commercial industry requires parts and components for an incredibly diverse range of applications and our engineers are here to help. Being an ISO 9001 certified facility, we understand the challenges facing the commercial industry. We regularly provide comprehensive engineering, machining, and support that translates into cost-effective and successful products.

Aerospace and Defense Machining

With manufacturing equipment capable of delivering extremely tight tolerances and the engineering know-how to make even the most advanced specifications a reality, our team serves the aerospace and defense industries with precision machined parts. Lavelle is a ISO 9001 & ITAR Registered facility that can deliver on the most demanding requirements.